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Barrel Roll Galaxy Gardens

Product Code: 750 ml
Availability: In Stock
Beer Color:
Deep Gold
Hop Level:
Light Hop Level
Alcohol Level:
Price: $24.99
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Hangar 24

Galaxy hops harvested from the Southern Hemisphere are best known for their distinct notes of citrus, peach, and passion fruit. To create our tart blonde ale we blended local honey into white wine barrels of sour ale aged over one year, allowing the honey to ferment to dryness. Prior to bottling, heaps of Galaxy hops are added to each barrel. The big, fruity punch of the Galaxy dry hopping gives way to the sour funk of the base beer, delicate floral notes and honey extend throughout. We recommend enjoying Galaxy Gardens fresh to emphasize the delicate hop aromas at their peak, or cellared to accentuate our house sour culture's unique flavor contributions.

Glass style:
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