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Broken Wand With Raspberries [750ml]

Product Code: 22oz
Availability: Out Of Stock
out of stock! contact beer specialist to see if anything is on back order!

Beer Color:
Ruby Brown
Hop Level:
Light Hop Level
Alcohol Level:
Price: $18.99
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   - OR -   
Council Brewing
Located at 7705 CONVOY CT SAN DIEGO, CA 92111

The giant, wind-up Owl, guardian of the Magic Factory and conjurer of darkness and truth, comes bearing the broken wand, which has turned this ominous beer into darkness. This foeder aged sour beer with scrumptious raspberries is the result of carefully selected microbes from our Deadlock barrel program that worked their magic in this beer. This dark concoction has intense flavors and aromas of raspberries, dark berries, chocolate, vanilla, and soft oak tannins. 

Glass style:
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