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DUB Double India Pale Ale [22oz]

Product Code: 22oz
Availability: Out Of Stock
out of stock! contact beer specialist to see if anything is on back order!

Beer Color:
Deep Gold
Hop Level:
Extreme Hop Level
Alcohol Level:
Price: $9.99
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10 Barrel Brewing Co.
Located at 62970 NE 18TH ST BEND, OREGON 97701

Just like a gambler doubling down in Vegas so is this beer on the hops. The heavy handed additions of Magnum, Simcoe, and Chinook drives the hop charge over the top. Malt, being the counterpart in this beer, is built upon Pale, Crystal, Carapils, and Munich. All this combined creates a royal flush of a brew. If you don’t LOVE hops, then don’t even bother!

You can pair this beer with:
Cuisine (Curried, Indian) Cheese (nutty; Asiago, Colby, Parmesan, sharp; Blue, Cheddar) Meat (Shellfish)

Glass style:
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