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If you're looking to throw a rager, then a keg is almost a necessity. Kegs are ideal for special celebrations, parties...any special occasion where beer will make it better. You don't even need a reason to order a keg - the desire to drink delicious tap beer at your home is more than enough.

If a keg comes to mind when you're thinking about the best craft beer or how to buy beer online, then get in touch. At Craft Beer Kings, we offer a wide selection of kegs. With over 1,000 different beers available, your keg options are nearly endless. 

Below you'll find a list of all our beers available in a keg. If you don't see the particular beer you're looking for, give us a call. There's a good chance we can get anything you might desire by working a little of our insider connection magic. 

Ordering Kegs

We make ordering a keg for you event easy. Just follow these tips:

  • If you want your keg for the weekend, you'll need to order it before Wednesday. 
  • If you want a guarantee that we'll have your beer of choice in a keg, then ordering seven days in advance is your best option. 
  • Every keg requires a $30.00 refundable deposit for the keg and a $30.00 non-refundable pump rental fee. 

Just like our craft beer in Los Angeles, kegs vary in price. See our price list below.


Ballast Point Big Eye IPA $194.99 15.5G
Anchor Steam $164 13.2G
Alaskan Amber $194 15.5G
Shiner Bock $160 15.5GG
Deschutes Black Porter $190 13.2G
Deschutes Mirror Pond $190 13.2G
Gordon Biersch Marzen $184 15.5G
Karl Strauss Red Trolley $199 15.5G
Leinenkugel Sun Wheat $204 15.5G
Lagunitas IPA $209 15.5G
Lagunitas Seasonals $214 15.5G
Ballast Point Calico/Pale $204 15.5G
Ballast Point Sculpin $299 15.5G
Bud Light $159 15.5G
Widmer Hef $199 15.5G
Shock Top "Belgian White" $204 15.5G
Sam Adams $194 15.5G
Lost Coast Downtown Brown $194 15.5G
Lost Coast Alleycat Amber $194 15.5G
Lost Coast Great White $194 15.5G
Dundee honey Brown $154 15.5G
Coors Lite $154 15.5G
Pyramid Haywire Hefe $194 15.5G
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale $194 15.5G
Blue Moon $204 15.5G
Bud $154 15.5G
Killians $169 15.5G
Lost Coast Indica IPA $194 15.5G
Lost Coast Raspberry Brown $194 15.5G
Lost Coast Tangerine Apricot Wheat $194 15.5G
Michelob Amber Bock $140 15.5G
Michelob Ultra $149 15.5G
Fat Tire Amber Ale $194 15.5G
Rolling Rock Extra Pale Ale $159 15.5G
Kona Longboard $190 15.5G
Firestone Double Barrel Ale $174 13.2G
Humboldt Hemp Ale $184 15.5G
Stone Pale Ale $194 15.5G
Stone Levitation Ale $194 15.5G
Stone Smoked Porter $194 15.5G
Stone IPA $194 15.5G
Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale $194 15.5G
Stone Ruination IPA $264 15.5G
Stone Oaked Bastard Ale $264 15.5G
Stone Cali Belgique IPA $264 15.5G
Stone Sublimely-Self-Righteous Ale $264 15.5G
MGD $159 15.5G
Miller Lite $159 15.5G
Coors Banquet $159 15.5G
Hangar 24 Orange Wheat $199 15.5G
Hangar 24 Pale Ale $184 15.5G
Hangar 24 Alt-Bier  $184 15.5G
Hangar 24 Helles $184 15.5G
Drakes Gold Medal IPA $184 15.5G
Speakeasy Big Daddy IPA $199 15.5G
Speakeasy Prohibition Amber Ale $194 15.5G
Bootlegger Brewery Old World Hef $194 15.5G
Bootlegger Brewery Palomino Pale $194 15.5G
Bootlegger Brewery Rustic Rye IPA $194 15.5G
Bootleggers Knuckle Sandwich $274 15.5G
Kern River Brewing Just Outstanding IPA $194 15.5G
Kern River Brewing Class V Stout  $194 15.5G
Abita Amber Lager $184 15.5G
Abita Turbo Dog Brown Ale $184 15.5G
Abita Purple Haze Raspberry Wheat $199 15.5G
Allagash White Ale $244 15.5G
Anderson Valley Boont  Amber $174 13.2G
Anderson Valley Oatmeal Stout $174 13.2G
Anderson Valley Poleeko Gold Pale Ale $174 13.2G
Anderson Valley Hot Ottin  $174 13.2G
Anderson Valley Bother David’s Double $214 13.2G
Anderson Valley Brother David’s Triple $214 13.2G
Flying Dog Doggie Style Pale Ale $219 15.5G
Green Flash West Coast IPA $194 15.5G
Green Flash Imperial IPA $244 15.5G
Green Flash Barley Wine $244 15.5G
Green Flash Tripel $254 15.5G
Green Flash Hop Head Red $194 15.5G
Green Flash Double Stout $244 15.5G
Green Flash Le’Freak $254 15.5G
Mission Ship Wrecked IPA $234 15.5G
North Coast Blue Star Wheat $184 15.5G
North Coast Red Seal Ale $184 15.5G
North Coast  #38 Stout $184 15.5G
North Coast Scrimshaw Pilsner $184 15.5G
North Coast Old Rasputen Imperial Stout $214 15.5G
North Coast Pranqster Belgian Golden Ale $214 15.5G
North Coast Brother Thelonious Abbey Ale $274
Shipyard Export Ale (Blonde Ale) $174 15.5G
Shipyard Old Thumper ESB $174 15.5G
Shipyard Signature Series XXXX Double IPA $209
Sea Dog Blueberry Ale $174 15.5G
Firestone Union Jack $210 13.2 G
Magic Hat #9 $204 15.5G
Dogfish Head 90min $304 15.5 G
Dogfish Head 60min $230 G
Golden Road:
Point The Way IPA $194 15.5G
Golden Hefe $194 15.5G
Natural Light $139 15.5G
Pabst $149 15.5G
High Life $149 15.5G
Rolling Rock $159 15.5G
Ace: 13.2G
Apple Cider $199
Pear Cider $199
Joker Hard Cider $199
Original Sin Hard Cider $200 15.5G
Fox Barrel: $214 15.5G
Black Currant
Julian Hard Cider $264 15.5G
Crispin Original Cider $210 15.5G
Wyder’s: $204 15.5G
Pear Cider
Raspberry Cider
Strong Bow $214 15.5G
WoodChuck: $210 15.5G
Granny Apple Cider
Amber Cider
Black Thorn Cider $190 50Lt
Sir Perry Pear Cider $190 50Lt
Boddingtons $190 13.2G
Hoegaarden $184 13.2G
Modelo Negra $189 15.5G
Dos XX Lager $189 15.5G
Dos XX Amber $189 15.5G
Sapporo Draft $179 15.5G
New Castle Brown Ale $199 13.2G
Heineken $199 13.2G
Amstel Light $164 13.2G
Stella Artois $214 13.2G
Modelo Especial $189 15.5G
Fosters Lager $154 15.5G
Pilsner Urquell $204 13.2G
Peroni $214 15.5G
Guinness Pub Draught $224 13.2G
Harp Lager $174 13.2G
Smithwicks $200 13.2G
Carlsberg $174 13.2G
Pacifico $180 15.5G
Bass $189 13.2G
Chimay Tripel White $264 20.5Lt
Kwak $234 20Lt
Triple Karmeliet $234 20Lt
Affligem Triple Abbey Ale $214 20Lt
Blanche De Bruxelles $160 30Lt
Delirium Tremens $290 30Lt
Delirium Nocturnum  $290 30Lt
Duchesse De Bourgogne $250 20Lt
St. Bernardus ABT 12 $224 20Lt
St. Bernardus Tripel $204 20Lt
Lucifer Golden Ale $230 20Lt
Unibroue Blanche De Chambly $124 20Lt
Unibroue Ephemere Apple Ale $124 20Lt
Unibroue Maudite $164 20Lt
Unibroue Trois Pistole $164 20Lt
Unibroue Terrible $190 20Lt
Fullers ESB Strong Ale $214 50Lt
Fullers London Pride $204 50Lt
Fullers Organic Honey Dew Ale $224 50Lt
Abbot Ale $204 50Lt
Old Speckled Hen $204 50Lt
Wychwood Hobgoblin Dark English Ale $234 50Lt
Young’s Double Chocolate Stout $204 50Lt
Bitburger Premium Pills $174 50Lt
Erdinger Weiss bier $190 50Lt
Erdinger Dunkel Weizen  $150 30Lt
Hacker-Pschorr Munchen Gold Lager $184 50Lt
Hacker-Pschorr Weisse $184 50Lt
Hofbrau Munchen Original $184 50Lt
Hofbrau Hefe Weizen $184 50Lt
Hofbrau Hefe Weizen Dunkel $184 50Lt
Hofbrau Munchen Dunkel $184 50Lt
Hofbrau Munchen Delicator Doppel Bock $194 50Lt
Kostritzer Schwarzbier $184 50Lt
Schneider Aventinus Weizenbock $150 20Lt
Franziskaner Hefe Weisse $204 50Lt
Franziskaner Dark Hefe Weisse $150 30Lt
Spaten Premium Munich Lager $190 50Lt
Spaten Oktoberfest $200 50Lt
Spaten Premium Bock $200 50Lt
Spaten Pills $200 50Lt
Spaten Optimator Doppel Bock $150 30Lt
Weihenstephaner Original Lager $210 50Lt
Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier $210 50Lt
Weihenstephaner  Hefe Weissbier Dark $160 30Lt
Weihenstephaner  Kristal Weissbier $160 30Lt
Weihenstephaner  Korbinian Doppel Bock $174 30Lt
Weihenstephaner  Vitus Weizenbock $174 30Lt
Paulaner Hefe-Weizen $174 50Lt
Paulaner Original Munich Premium Lager $174 50Lt
Paulaner Premium Pils $174 50Lt
Paulaner Oktoberfest $174 50Lt
Paulaner Salvator Dobbelbock $190 50Lt
Murphy’s Stout $130 30Lt
Wexford Irish Ale $204 50Lt
Birra Moretti $124 30Lt
Moretti La Rossa Dark Beer $124 20Lt
Belhaven Scottish Stout $230 50Lt
Belhaven Scottish Ale $204 50Lt
Belhaven Twisted Thistle IPA $204 50Lt
Primo $164 15.5G
Tecate $154 15.5G

Please inquire for any other special orders.
Please allow 7 business days for special orders kegs

we can get any keg you want.