Brasserie De La Pleine Lune

Brasserie De La Pleine Lune
At the time of creation (2011) Benedict, the founder, with his experience in bra ng craft since 2003, is very interested in beers from the 4 corners of the world and especially those generously hopped.
This strong typicality and this new approach in the design led Benedict created the brewery of the Full Moon in Chabeuil in the heart of the Drôme. Though I could tell at a time when the IPA and other hop bombs did not know the current vogue, the brewery of the Full Moon starts its activity by making these styles his business card.
Quickly, the Full Moon beers have been very successful at the beginning locally and then gradually nationally. At that time, few French craft breweries beers offered as typed, and "pioneer" breweries quickly acquire a good reputation in the small world of French craft beer character.
After a year only brew, pampering, package and deliver the beers of the Full Moon, Benedict can not cope, and surrounds in autumn 2012 the two employees who always accompany it, and Sylvain Georges.


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