Urban South X CBK

Urban South X CBK

Candy, candy, candy...

We at Craft Beer Kings are proud to announce our latest collaboration just in time for trick or treating.  We reached out to our friend and craft beer masters at Urban South to help us create something flavorful, delicious and truly one of a kind.  With their guidance and expertise we are proud to offer these three unique flavors for sale both online and in store at both Craft Beer Kings locations.

Double Spilled: Cotton Candy & Strawberry Ice Cream

Urban South X CBK

First up is the Double Spilled with Cotton Candy and Strawberry Ice Cream.  If you are a fan of strawberry ice cream don't let this fruited sour pass you by.  It strikes an excellent balance of sweet and tart while having the velvety mouth feel of a melted milkshake. It's best enjoyed after spending a little bit of time in the freezer. Definitely one of my favorites to keep in the fridge.

Double Spilled: Nerds & Raspberry

The Double Spilled: Nerds and Raspberry showcases the mastery Urban South has for showcasing flavors in heavily fruited craft beers.  This tasty beer is loaded with Nerds candy flavor that is countered by the tart and fruity raspberry.  This is a match made in flavor heaven that is a must try for both candy and fruit lovers alike.

Triple Spilled: Rainbow Sour Belts, Pineapple, Banana, Orange and Vanilla

Last but certainly not least is the Triple Spilled with Rainbow Sour Belts, Pineapple, Banana, Orange, and Vanilla. This is by far my personal favorite!  It represents all the listed flavors perfectly while not being overwhelming.  Its tart flavors are brought out by the perfect addition of the sour belts while the vanilla offers a warm aftertaste that leaves you always wanting just one more sip.  All the above flavors are available in single cans and four packs both in store and online.  Don't sleep on these or you will be kicking yourself when they are gone!

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