We had the chance to release a new batch of Weldwerks beer today and are always pretty hyped to do so. Juicy Bits is a fantastic beer that is full of fruit explosions so when we got our hands on some of the DDH version we were all over it.  We also got two other IPAs, Cactus Canyon and JuicyFish.  JuicyFish is a collab with Pinthouse Pizza in Austin, TX.  Pinthouse Pizza is no newcomer as they have won several awards for their delicious beers.  We also got a sour in for our sour heads, Dead Reckoning.  Not your typical sour as it subtle and was inspired by "the iconic tiki cocktail from San Francisco's James Beard award-winning tiki bar, Smuggler's Cove."  We hope you guys enjoy and find more from WeldWerks Here.

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