Tired Hands

Tired Hands
Once we caught news that Tired Hands was going to be available we knew we had to grab what we could.  Previously having these at beer shares (yeah, we still remember those) we wanted to get as many as possible.  We were able to secure just a few but they are amazing.  First of the three is HopHands, a pale ale that is anything but ordinary.  Once you pop this can you will catch the fruit filled scents that lead up to that same great taste.  Up next is Alien Church, a hazy IPA that is, "layers of kiwi smoothie, strawberry candies, blueberry jelly, ruby red grapefruit, bright orange zest, musky tropical fruits, and drippy pineapple."  Last but definitely not least is FREQUENCY ILLUSION: BLUECROP, a farmhouse ale that comes in a clear bottle to show off that lovely color inside.  Supplies are limited so check them out before they fly here.

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