Brewery Rex

Brewery Rex


    Tyler King’s passion for brewing dates back to 2002, when Tyler was just a senior in high school. His art teacher taught a class in which a trusty Mr. Beer Kit was used to brew rootbeer. Tyler’s interest was officially peaked.

    A year later, Tyler headed off to college and also started a job at BJ’s Restaurant & Brewery, his first job in a commercial brewery. In the four years at BJ’s Tyler worked his way up from keg washer to assistant brewer. 

    As Tyler graduated Cal State Fullerton, he was approached with an opportunity to start up a new brewery in Placentia, California. A little place called The Bruery was born. With Tyler at the helm of production, The Bruery grew to an internationally recognized brand, winning multiple awards at the Great American Beer Festival and the World Beer Cup, some for recipes Tyler developed when he was still in high school.

    After eight years with The Bruery, Tyler saw it fit to start out on his own. His passion for brewing and the industry continues to grow under a brewery that finally bears his name, Brewery Rex.

    Brian White was first introduced to craft beer by his father, who had a college friend who owned a brewery in Flagstaff, Arizona. Little did Brian know at the time, but this moment would serve to define Brian’s career today.

    Brian ‘s first job in the craft beer industry was working for Karl Strauss Brewing Company as a sales representative.  During this time, he also became a regular at The Bruery, where he met a young Tyler King. 

    Brian was such a fan he joined The Bruery as a packaging team member, and eventually as a full-time tasting room employee. Through this position Brian flourished, meeting many friends throughout the craft beer industry. One of these friends was Henry Nguyen, the owner of Monkish Brewing Co. Brian joined Henry and the team at Monkish as their brand ambassador. At Monkish, Brian continued his beer education and helped develop the reputation of this small local brewery to the cult brewery it is today.

    Brian branched off from Monkish in 2016 to launch Chapman Crafted Beer, where he works today, to help conceptualize and brew beers with Tyler for Brewery Rex.