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Alvarado Street Audible Cues

Alvarado Street

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Low Bitterness Hazy Double IPA with Phantasm and the Thiol Turbo Boost! That’s a lot to unpack...first — Phantasm; dried, sauvignon blanc grape must from New Zealand that are loaded with Thiol precursors. Thiols are tiny compounds responsible for big tropical fruit flavors like guava, passion fruit, lychee and have that “good diesel” intensity that many of us hop heads crave. The “TTB” (Thiol Turbo Boost) treatment involves using a yeast strain with enzymatic capability to transform thiol precursors into actual thiol compounds present in the beer. Long story short, we’re augmenting the final concentration of free thiols present in the beer through fermentation and the unique properties of Phantasm!

  • ABV: 8.4%
  • Type: Hazy DIPA
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