Cellador Ales Apricot Saison
Cellador Ales Apricot Saison

Cellador Ales Apricot Saison

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This beer was blended to showcase the delicate flavors of my favorite fruit for sour beer, the apricot. With a straw color and medium tartness, it has aromas of slightly under-ripe stone fruit, honey, & white wine. The beer shines through a lot still in the flavor, and melds beautifully with the fruit. I’ve noticed that my blending habits tends to compliment and accentuate the flavor of whatever we’re adding to the beer. These particular apricots are from a local Southern California farm, and had a pretty soft and musty flavor, and a high tartness. Apricot Saison was bottle conditioned for four months. Instead of adding wine or champagne yeast at bottling, we always bottle condition with our house cultures to ensure that our particular brand of funk and complexity shines through in even this small last fermentation. I think it’s one of the small but important things that helps our beers stand out from the crowd. Brettanomyces can create different and amazing flavors when under pressure, and we do everything we can to help them shine. Like all our beers, this will taste great fresh, and should age gracefully for up to 3 years. Cheers!

  • ABV: 6.6%
  • Type: Saison / Farmhouse