Cellador Ales Saison Cui Bono

Cellador Ales Saison Cui Bono

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An idiosyncratic combining of five barrels. When blending this I had in mind that awkward time of year in LA where Summer transitions into Fall, and people start thinking of colder weather and the holidays, but it remains bloody hot as hell. 40% of the blend is our American hopped Spelt Saison, which serves as a nice grounding base. Then 40% comes from 2 barrels of aged hop saison which was fermented on spent Masumoto peaches. The aged hops begin to evoke the dryness of Fall but the addition of stone fruit clings the senses to the nostalgia of warmer weather. And the last 20% comes from one reddish rye wild ale fermented and aged in second use Four Roses Bourbon barrel, which firmly establishes and affirms our desire to transition into cooler times.

  • ABV: 7.5%
  • Type: Saison

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