Perennial Shake the Frost

Perennial Shake the Frost

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Brewed with Oaxacan beans locally roasted by Sump, this is our way to brighten your day and give you the energy to tackle all those “spring cleaning” projects you have been meaning to do. Medium-roast coffee aroma is accented by nutty, toasty, and chocolate notes. Underpinned by a woody, earthy structure, it is decadent-meets-practical and highly drinkable. Makes us want to spring out of bed, throw on some mud boots, and get ahead on our chores. Reminds us of stomping through a meadow after a rainstorm, sunny mornings with crisp dew glistening on the treebuds, and the sound of a toaster finishing its work.

  • ABV: 5.0%
  • Type: Coffee Stout

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