Radiant Beer Co. On Chill

Radiant Beer Co. On Chill

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Made with Citra, experimental hop HBC630 from Hop Breeding Company, and a touch of Strata, we let it fly with hop flavor in this low bitterness, beautifully finessed IPA. Enjoy a tidal wave of aroma studded with notes of cantaloupe, guava, calamansi, pixie tangerines, mild pepper and grass, dehydrated strawberry and peach candy, lemonade popsicle, and a balancing dankness. Supreme citrus and subtle tropical notes will wash over your palate, reminiscent of meyer lemon, orange, with a hint of toasty malt. This beer might boast our most complex hop character yet! Maybe it can give you chills tonight, too.

  • ABV: 7.3%
  • Type: IPA

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