Stout and IPA Gift Box - Shipping Included!

Stout and IPA Gift Box - Shipping Included!

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Take advantage of our Stout and IPA Beer Box and enjoy the best of both worlds. The rich, velvety sweetness of stouts and the hoppy, aromatic qualities of IPAs are combined in this carefully chosen assortment to provide a very engrossing beer experience.

This box contains a carefully chosen assortment of IPAs and stouts that represent the best of craft beer brewing. Delve into the depths of flavor with the roasted maltiness, velvety mouthfeel, and subtle notes of cocoa and coffee found in the stouts, as well as the vivid hop flavors, zesty scents, and gratifying bitterness found in the IPAs.

We guarantee a smooth and worry-free experience for you by including shipping, processing, and even an adult signature with our goods.

Note: Beers in the picture may include limited release or discontinued beers, they are for illustration purposes only.