Urban South x LCB - Ermahgerd Spilled "Limit 2"

Urban South x LCB - Ermahgerd Spilled "Limit 2"

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West Coast meets Southern Hospitality a beer we partnered up with our Cali friends Local Craft Beer coconut white chocolate lava cake with marshmallow drizzle. Creamy goodness Tiki Inspired cocktail flipped into a sensational beer cleanser similar to the frozen signature cocktail "Barefoot in the Sand" over at Lei Lo. Fruited Sour with Banana, Marshmallow, Coconut, White Chocolate

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  • Style: Sour

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* These beers contain large amounts of fruit, when subjected to high temperatures during transit, may cause them to expand and burst. Craft Beer Kings will not be liable for variables outside of our control.  No refunds