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New World Ales x Murs '86 Kickflip

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Traditionally, honey beers are made with - you guessed it - bee honey! This, however, isn't vegan friendly - as Murs is - so we went with a very special malted barley from Gambrinus Malting - Honey Malt - to create a perceived honey flavor and sweetness. Honey Malt is a truly unique type of melanoidin malt - meant to impart intense malt sweetness and aroma without any roast character - but made with special processes that enhance its characteristic honey-like flavor and golden honey color. This highly versatile, multifaceted malt brings flavors of honey, bread crust, toast, pretzel, grain, and a hint of tartness To complement the honey malt, we added over 100 gallons of pure Maracujá Passion Fruit puree direct from Colombia after a clean Kölsch fermentation.

  • ABV: 6.0%
  • Type: Kolsch